Center for Spintronics Research Network, Tohoku University


Research Organization

Spintronics Device Creation Division

We are developing the advanced systems and devices for energy creation and energy-saving by spintronics technology to provide eco-friendly infrastructure and to innovate conventional information and communication technology.

Semiconductor Spintronics
Device Area
We are developing the advanced spintronics devices, spin-transistor and quantum information devices, by controlling electron and nuclear spin in semiconductor by light and electric field.
Metallic Spintronics
Device Area
We are developing the high performance spintronics devices, such as a non-volatile memory and a magnetic sensor, by controlling the relation between magnetization in the metal and spin conduction.
Integrated System Area
We are developing the fundamental technology for innovative integrated systems to realize dramatic energy-saving by utilizing the non-volatile spin memory.

Spintronics Device Characterization Division

We are developing advanced spin-measurement techniques to characterize the behavior of spins in integrated spintronics devices. And we also clarify the physical mechanism of the behavior of spins in spintronics devices theoretically to propose innovative spintronics devices.

Spintronics Device
Characterization Area
We are developing the advanced spin characterization method, such as spin-polarized photoemission spectrometer and time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect system to characterize electronic structure and dynamic behavior of spin for spintronics devices.
Spintronics Device Theory Area
We are performing theoretical research on physical mechanism of the behavior of spins and spin-dependent transport in spintronics devices to propose innovative spinctronics devices.


Spintronics Device Creation Division

Semiconductor Spintronics
Device Area
Project :Nuclear spin manipulation in semiconductor quantum structures and its application to highly-sensitive NMR and MRI
Core member :Hirayama Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Keio Univ., Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech., Niigata Univ., Univ. of Ottawa(Canada), IIT Bombay(India)
Project :Quantum transport and spin-related phenomena in semiconductor nanostructures
Core member :Hirayama Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Univ. of Tokyo, Tohoku Inst. Tech., Univ. of Ryukyu, Nihon Univ., Univ. of Oklahoma(USA)
Project :Clarification of spin relaxation mechanism in semiconductor & metal
Core member :Nitta Gr (Tohoku Univ.), NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Oiwa Gr (Osaka Univ.), Kobayashi Gr (Osaka Univ.), Univ. of Regensburg
Project :Electrical manipulation of spins in semiconductor
Core member :Nitta Gr (Tohoku Univ.), Hirayama Gr (Tohoku Univ.), NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Oiwa Gr (Osaka Univ.), Kobayashi Gr (Osaka Univ.), Univ. of Regensburg
Project :Spin dynamics in magnetic thin films and its application for nano-spintronics devices
Core member :H. Ohno (Tohoku Univ.), S. Kanai (Tohoku Univ.), H. Sato (Tohoku Univ.)、F. Matsukura (Tohoku Univ.), S. Maekawa (JAEA), J. Ohe (Toho Univ.), Y. Miura(Kyoto Inst. of Tech.), Christos Panagopoulos (Nanyang Tech. Univ.), Andrew Ferguson(Univ. of Cambridge)
Project :Spin injection from a ferromagnetic with perpendicular magnetization into a semiconductor
Core member :Nitta Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Takanashi Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Tezuka Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Hirayama Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Miura Gr.(Kyoto inst. of Tech.), Hamaya Gr.(Osaka Univ.), Yoshida Gr(Osaka Univ.)
Project :Three-terminal active device composed of ferromagnet/semiconductor superlattices
Core member :Tezuka Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Nitta Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Hamaya Gr.(Osaka Univ.), Saito Gr.(AIST)
Project :Molecular spintronics on molecule magnets encapsulated in carbon nanotubes
Core member :Yamashita Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Komeda Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Saito Gr.(AIST), Shinohara Gr.(Nagoya Univ.)
Project :Rare-earth oxide spintronics materials
Core member :Fukumura Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Hasegawa Gr.(Univ. of Tokyo), Fujimori Gr.(Univ. of Tokyo), Taniyama Gr.(Tokyo Inst. tech)
Metallic Spintronics
Device Area
Project :High-performance magnetoresistive devices with Heusler alloys and microscopic magnetic characterization
Core member :Takanashi Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Mibu Gr.(Nagoya Inst. Tech.)
Project :Spin caloritronics
Core member :Saito Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Bauer Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Maekawa Gr.(JAEA), Ishida Gr.(IoT devices Res. Lab., NEC)
Project :Physics of spin current
Core member :Saito Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Maekawa Gr.(JAEA)
Project :Development of magnetic tunnel junction materials and devices
Core member :Oogane Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Sakuma Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Mizukami Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Tsunoda Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Nakamura Gr.(Spring‐8)
Project :Development of nitride-based spintronics materials
Core member :Tsunoda Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Kokado Gr.(Shizuoka Univ.), Suemasu Gr.(Tsukuba Univ.), Asano Gr.(Nagoya Univ.)
Project :Dynamic control of spatially modulated magnetic structure by spin torque
Core member :Takanashi・Seki Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Ono・Moriyama Gr.(Kyoto Univ.), Imamura Gr.(AIST)
Project :Creation of new metallic materials with high spin polarization and high magnetic anisotropy
Core member :Takanashi Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Suemasu Gr.(Tsukuba Univ.), Kimura Gr.(Hiroshima Univ.), Honda Gr.(Kansai Univ.)
Project :Control of heat flow based on spin-orbit interaction
Core member :Uchida Gr.(NIMS), Takanashi-Seki Gr.(Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Fabrication of Mn-based antiferromagnetic thin films and large anomalous Hall effect
Core member :Oogane Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Tsunoda Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Sakuma Gr.(Tohoku Univ.) Morita Gr.(ULVAC,Inc.)
Integrated System Area
Project :High-performance system by spintronics-based Integrated circuits and its application
Core member :Endoh Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Hanyu Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Ohno Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Tsukuba Univ. Gr, Nagoya Univ. Gr.
Project :Characterization for spintronics-based integrated circuits, devices and materials
Core member :Endoh Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Ohno Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Sakuma Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Tsukuba Univ. Gr
Project :Fast magnetization reversal by using spin transfer torque
Core member :H. Sato (Tohoku Univ.), H.Ohno (Tohoku Univ.), Y.Nakatani (Univ. Electro-communication), Johan Åkerman (Univ. of Gothernburg)
Project :Design of spin–orbit torque switching devices
Core member :S.Fukami (Tohoku Univ.), H. Ohno (Tohoku Univ.), M. Hayashi (Univ. of Tokyo/NIMS), Nitta Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), Endoh Gr.(Tohoku Univ.), J. Ieda(JAEA), Geoffrey Beach (MIT)
Project :Application of electric field-induced magnetization reversal devices
Core member :S. Kanai (Tohoku Univ.), Ohno Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Y.Nakatani (UEC), Shirai Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), G. Tatara (RIKEN), Endoh Gr. (Tohoku Univ.)

Spintronics Device Characterization Division

Spintronics Device
Characterization Area
Project :Magnetization dynamics in nanoscale magnetic materials
Core member :Kitakami Gr. (Tohoku U), Oguchi Gr. (Osaka U), Kato Gr. (Nagoya U), Nakamura Gr. (JASRI), Mizukami Gr. (Tohoku Univ)
Project :Light-induced spin dynamics in magnetic hetero structure
Core member :Mizukami Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Hamaya Gr. (Osaka Univ.), Suzuki・Miwa Gr. (Osaka Univ.):S.Mizukami, K.Hamaya, M.Miwa, Y.Suzuki, S.Yamada, K.Suzuki
Project :Characterization of electronic structure in diluted magnetic semiconductor and topological insulator films
Core member :Takahashi Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Ohno Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Oguchi Gr.(Tohoku Univ.) T.Takahashi, H.Ohno, T.Oguchi, F.Matsukura, Tomasz Dietl, T.Sato, S.Kanai,K.Yamauchi
Project :Nano-spin dynamics in thermomagentic effect
Core member :M.Mizuguchi (Tohoku Univ.), S.Mizukami(Tohoku Univ.), J.Ohe(Toho univ.), R.Iguchi (Tohoku Univ.), G. Bauer (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Electric field control of magnetization dynamics in magnetic thin films
Core member :Y. Endo G (Tohoku U), Nakatani G (Osaka U), Muroga G (Toyota College), Imamura G (AIST)
Project :Manifestation and mechanism of large magnetocapacitance effect at room temperature
Core member :J. Nishii (Hokkaido Univ.), T. Nagahama (Hokkaido Univ.), O. Kitakami (Tohoku Univ.), T. Komine (Ibaraki Univ.), G. Xiao (Brown Univ.)
Project :Spin dynamics of ferri- or antiferromagnets
Core member :S. Mizukami(Tohoku Univ.), T. Nagahama(Hokkaido Univ.), Y. Shiratsuchi (Osaka Univ.), T. Moriyama (Kyoto Univ.), T. Nozaki (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Spintronics device characterization utilizing holography
Core member :M. Mizuguchi (Tohoku Univ.), S. Mitani (NIMS), H. Sukegawa (NIMS), K. Hayashi (Nagoya Inst. Tech.), N. Happo (Hiroshima City Univ.), F. Matsui (NAIST)
Project :Search for Weyl/Dirac semimetal by direct observation of electronic structure
Core member :S. Souma (Tohoku. Univ.), T. Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.), T. Sato (Tohoku Univ.), A. Tsukazaki (Tohoku Univ.), K. Nomura (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Tuning of spin-polarized electronic states in noncentrosymmetric transition-metal dichalcogenides
Core member :Takahashi Gr.(Tohoku Univ.):K. Sugawara, T. Takahashi, T. Sato ; Nitta Gr. (Tohoku Univ.):J. Nitta, M.Kohda
Project :Control of the degree of order and electronic state in Heusler alloys with high spin polarization
Core member :R. Umetsu (Tohoku Univ.), Kainuma Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Sekiyama Gr. ( Osaka Univ.), Harada Gr. (Univ. of Tokyo)
Spintronics Device
Theory Area
Project :Theoretical design of magnetic tunnel junction device by using highy spin−polarized magnetic materials
Core member :Shirai Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Uemura Gr. (Hokkaido Univ.), Mitani Gr. (NIMS), Doi Gr. (Tohoku Gakuin Univ.), Mizukami Gr. (Tohoku Univ.), Hirohata Gr. (Univ. of York), Miura Gr. (Kyoto Inst. Tech.), Tanibayashi Gr. (Natl. inst. tech., Ichinoseki college)
Project :Theory of magnetic relaxation
Core member :Sakuma Gr. (Tohoku Univ.): A. Sakuma・D. Miura (Natl. Inst Tech., Fukushima College) Y. Oda
Project :Cavity-optomagnonics with YIG
Core member :Blanter Gr.(TU Delft), Usami Gr. (Univ. of Tokyo), Yan Gr.(UESTC), Bauer Gr. (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Study on new superconductor by using spin-triplet topological superconductors
Core member :H. Tsuchiura (Tohoku Univ.), R. Asaoka (Tohoku Univ.), S. Kasuya (AIST), Manfred Sigrist(ETH)
Project :Study on physics of materials with topological properties and application
Core member :K. Kondo (Hokkaido Univ.), A. Sakuma (Tohoku Univ.). T. Komine (Ibaraki Univ.)
Project :Spin polarization of half-metallic oxide Fe3O4 deduced from TMR effect at room temperature
Core member :T. Shimada (Hokkaido Univ.), T. Nagahama (Hokkaido Univ.), M. Shirai (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :The development of FeSn D03 alloy and improvement of lattice matching in MTJs
Core member :T. Shimada (Hokkaido Univ.), T. Nagahama (Hokkaido Univ.), M. Mizuguchi (Tohoku Univ.), M. Shirai (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Spin-orbit-torque induced magnetization switching in half-metal ferromagnet and its application to spintronic devices
Core member :Uemura Gr.(Hokkaido Univ.),Shirai Gr. (Tohoku Univ.)
Project :Highly spin polarized electron injection semiconductor source by circularly polarized optical pumping
Core member :A.Takeuchi (Waseda Univ.),M.Shirai(Tohoku Univ.),S.Shimomura(Ehime Univ.)