Center for Spintronics Research Network, Tohoku University




Graduate School of Science Department of
Solid-state Quantum Transport [Hirayama] Group
School of Engineering Department of
Electrical Engineering
Green Power Electronics [Endoh-Muraguchi] Laboratory
Department of
Electronic Engineering
Solid State Physics [Saito・Tsunoda] Laboratory
Department of
Applied Physics
Spin Electronics [Ando] Laboratory
Condensed Matter Physics [Sakuma] Laboratory
Department of
Material Science
Nano-materials Science Materials Quantum Science [Nitta] Laboratory
Materials and Devices for Information Technology Spin-electronics materials [Sugimoto] Laboratory
Institute for Materials Research (IMR) Theory of Solid State Physics Bauer Laboratory
Magnetic Materials Takanashi Laboratory
Surface and Interface Research Saito Laboratory
Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC) Information Devices Division Materials Functionality Design (Shirai Group)
Spintronics (Ohno & Fukami Group)
Broadband Engineering Research Information Storage Systems (Muraoka & Greaves Group)
System / Software Research New Paradigm VLSI System (Hanyu & Natsui Group)
Institute of Multidisciplinary
Research for Advanced Materials(IMRAM)
Division of
Inorganic Material Research
Nanoscale Magnetism and Devices [Kitakami] Laboratory
Advanced Institute for Materials Research
Materials Physics Group E.Saitoh Laboratory
T. Takahashi Laboratory
Device / System Group H.Ohno Laboratory
Mizukami Laboratory